Photos of the Organ Project In Chronological Order


Please note this does not show completed work, but stages as it is under constuction.


Building the pipes crates to move the organ from Lincoln City.   It was the first summer of Covid, so when the hotels reopened we jumped and got all these crates built in 3 days.

20200625 213551


20200625 213556


After the 11am Mass i got ready and rented the big truck.  Thankfully  A CHOIR MEMBER from one of my lutheran churchs WHO IS A TRUCK DRIVER GAVE ME A QUICK LESSON BEFORE I SET OFF.


20200629 163724

20200629 163712



Here are some pictures of his instalation.  Every pipe was removed one by one and crated.


20200629 115144

20200629 131622


Once back in Spokane we found a work space to start the rebuilding.   After a lot of struggle to find a rental space, Larry and Louise Andrews offered us a bay in their shop Andrews Mechanical.   It was there that the real work of rewiring and restoration began.    


The following pictures are in this workshop and show other components i acquired for use in our Organ. 


20210118 150235


20210118 150238


20210201 134350

20210201 134400


The Facade (Display Pipes) are functional and play,  they are from a  1907 Kimball from the Lidgerwood congregational church.   The new Console is from Don Gormans home organ.  Both Generously supplied by John Oss.


The New-to-us Windchests (Boxes of pressurized air that the pipes sit on, are from the 1929 Wicks Organ originally installed in The Temple Emmanu-El synagogue in Spokane.



The Next Photos show work on the console and its electric relays, and action.

20210515 140604

20211129 200745

20211202 172153

New Toe studs installed on the knee board.


20210514 18162620210611 18475720210721 23481420210731 15091520211212 16195320211212 181732

20210617 210104

The Missing key was off for a matching key cover to be made.   All it wanted for Christmas that year was its missing f natural.


20211217 165527

Its alive!!   

Fathers Incense really made it dramatic, when i first played pipes from the new console.


 Console Comparisonconsoles

After the removal of the old console, and the installation of the new, I began work in the Pipe chambers rebuilding the chests and actions.   Starting in the Choir division.   Right Side when looking towards the Choir Loft.


The 16' Haskelled Diapason removed for repairs.

20210320 153410

20210427 113032

Repaired, rewired, and reinstalled.

20211214 162422

20211221 142544

Here is the Main winding Junction and 2 of the 3 regulators that keep the pressure constant.

20211218 171108

The Origanal chest turned 180 Degrees in the fore and the new chest in the rear.


20220331 003613

New Electro Mechanical Valves to replace the original Pneumatic action on the lowest octave


20220405 122354

New Hohl Flute being fitted, Originally from the 1952 Kilgen Organ at Saint augustin.

Behind and above is the new chest for the 1930's Kimball Oboe


20220405 171030

More Rewired Magnets


20220409 021919

New Chest for the 1905 Kimbal 4' Flute D'amour above the lower chests.   Note the Ladder and Tuning platform for it and the Oboe.


20220409 021933

20220701 214027

On the left the original rack board,  with holes that were to large to fit the oboe.  Right the new properly sized rack board.


20220703 150317

Oboe During Fitting,  White cloth is pipes who's action needs adjustment.


20220703 150416


After the choir was all physically installed, it was time to move over to the swell.  


20220905 165718

20220905 171210

20220905 171555

New Diapason pipes finally going on the chest that was prepared for them in the original 1949 organ.


More wiring


20220825 181258

The New Upperwork Chest for the swell, from Don Gorman's House organ, generously supplies to us by John Oss


20221014 190306

20221118 212622

20221206 173850


The Originally swell chest in the rear, with the new chest taking shape in front.    The Swell Trumpet lives in the back alcove next to the shutters into the church.


20230330 201414

The Chest before fitting and varnishing.

20230331 132350

20231202 15332220231205 220452


Next the Vox Humana,  Living on the back wall

20230609 170258



After the swell, I started on the Positif,  the lower division in the Balcony.   I hope to get it playing in the next few weeks.



20230120 191141

Building the legs, same as for the other chests


20230508 233813

20231215 232853

Pipes Mostly planted and fitted snuggly in their new homes,  From left to right, 8' rohrflute, 8' Bourdon, 4' gemshorn, 8' Cromhorne.


Now i am turning my attention to the upper level, which is the Great division.

 20230503 182339

20230524 175653


More wiring.

20240105 15511520240105 155121

New Toe Board to convey the wind to the facade pipes.



More Photos to come.