St. Francis Xavier participates in Northside Catholic Youth Ministry, an inter-parish effort to provide Catholic youth in the area with a healthy and Catholic social outlet. The youth group meets Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm at various parishes, and their website can be found here.

Care for the Homebound

St. Francis Xavier organizes extraordinary ministry of communion to those homebound and faithful Catholics who are no longer able to attend Mass. For details, please contact the parish office.

Music Ministry

St. Francis Xavier is blessed to have Mr. Taylor Giese as organist and music director. 


While not a large enough parish to feature a year-round program of catechesis, St. Francis Xavier provides education for first confession and first communion every year in the spring. For details, please contact the parish office.

Food Bank

St. Francis Xavier parish is fortunate to be able to serve our neighbors in need through food donation to Caritas ministries, an inter-denominational charity of several churches in North Spokane. Please leave gifts of non-perishable goods in the narthex.